External Links

Catterline Online

Use this site to participate in the local forum within the Catterline community. Features a handy "Where's-the-windmill-o-meter" to see how far how are you away from your nearest turbine.


Views of Scotland

Use this site to see other action groups fighting wind farm developments. This site also includes useful information on the implications of wind farms.


Country Gardian

The National Campaign to oppose wind turbines in Britain's precious landscapes and promote energy conservation



Provides an exchange of information, news and ideas regarding the current proliferation of windfarms particularly in some of the most beautiful parts of Britain - Wales, the Lake District and the Scottish Highlands


JacWAG - Jacksbank Windfarm Action Group

JacWAG - against the establishment of a wind power station at Jacksbank Farm in the Howe of the Mearns near Drumlithie, North East Scotland.


RSPB Scotland

Threatened bird species helped by pioneering scheme.